How do moles know where they are going?

 God designed us moles to live underground. Our narrow, pointed noises, wedge-shaped heads, and large forelegs allow us to burrow about 45 feet of tunnel in just one hour! Because we live mostly underground, we have very poor eyesight. Our eyes, which are shaded by overhanging fur or skin, can’t distinguish objects. We can tell if it is light or dark, but that is all.

So, how do we nearly-blind moles know where we are going? God gave us two important features that help us live underground. First, the hairs on our noses and front feet are very sensitive. We use them to feel our way around. Second, though we do not have external ears, we can hear very well. We listen for vibrations in the soil, which warn us of danger or other moles in the area. These vibrations help us tell the difference between tasty worms and insects, and other creatures. Even we underground moles show how wonderful and wise God is–don’t you think?


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