How Did Some Animals Get to Australia After the Flood?

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2016

How did certain animals such as kangaroos get to places like Australia after the Flood?

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That is a great question. Since there is so much water surrounding Australia and other islands, how could land-living animals have made it there after the Flood? There are several different explanations for how this could have happened. First, there probably would have been huge collections of floating debris, plants, and trees after the Flood. These big “logmats” could have carried animals from land, across vast waters, to islands. Second, just after the Flood, the continents may not have been as far away from each other as they are now. They could have started moving due to the “fountains of the deep” breaking up during the Flood. They most likely would have been moving apart much faster than they are today, and the animals could have gone to them before they moved very far apart. Third, it could be that there was much more water frozen at the ice caps in the years immediately after the Flood, making the oceans shallower than they are today. These shallower waters would have made it easier for animals to move to places like Australia. Many years after the Flood, the frozen water in the ice caps would have begun to melt, causing deeper oceans and bringing about the greater separation of the continents that we see today. Those are three good ideas about how the land animals could have made it to islands and continents such as Australia.


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