How Did Dinosaurs Get on the Ark? Weren't They Dangerous?

From Issue: Discovery 4/1/2008

Dear Kaci and Taylor,

I’m glad you sent these excellent questions about dinosaurs and Noah’s ark. Dinosaurs were able to get on Noah’s ark and stay there peaceably because God wanted it to be that way. Instead of thinking that Noah had to hunt lots of animals, including dinosaurs, we should remember that God brought the animals to Noah (Genesis 7:9-16). Also, consider that Noah did not have to take the biggest, scariest dinosaurs on the ark. Noah could have taken small, young dinosaurs, and still done exactly what God told him to do (Genesis 6:19-20,22).

Once Noah, his family, and all the animals were on the ark and God shut the ark’s door, God remembered Noah and cared for him and his cargo (Genesis 8:1). God’s providence ensured that animals such as dinosaurs did not kill Noah’s family or each other. Also, remember that Noah had brought enough food (Genesis 6:21). In God’s wisdom and power, He cleansed the Earth of evil while protecting His faithful servant Noah along with all kinds of animals.


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