Horses Did Not Evolove!

From Issue: Discovery 5/1/2017

Not long ago, a church in Texas invited me to present a seminar on Creation. During the seminar, I mentioned several of the “evidences” for evolution that have been debunked over the years. Many of those are included in this issue of Discovery. One lady who attended the seminar explained that the local school district still teaches that evolution is true. I asked her to send me some of the pages and pictures that are used to teach this. When I received them, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. One of the pictures she sent looked almost identical to the one you see on this page that supposedly “proves” horses evolved. Why was this shocking to me? Because even evolutionists have known for more than 60 years that this scenario of horse evolution is completely false. Many books, however, are still using this incorrect information to try to teach the false theory of evolution.

Let’s discuss how we know that horse evolution is false. The animals shown in these pictures are all fully formed animals. They are not “turning into” other kinds of animals. The “first” animal that is called Eohippus or Hyracotherium does not show any signs of changing into another animal. Furthermore, it looks nothing like a horse and there is no reason to claim it is an “ancestor” of a horse. There are no fossils of Eohippus transitioning or changing into anything. The same can be said of all the animals on the chart. They are not evolving into any other kinds of animals. They are complete, totally functional animals that are fully-formed and perfectly created.

In order to prove that these animals evolved into modern horses, evolutionists would need to find fossils that show the “in-between” stages from one animal to the next. There is a good reason they haven’t found them—no such fossils exist. They don’t exist because horses did not evolve from any other kind of animal.

George Gaylord Simpson

The truth is, many evolutionists recognize that “horse evolution” as it is taught in countless schools is not true. One very famous evolutionist named George Gaylord Simpson said, “The uniform, continuous transformation of Hyracotherium into Equus, so dear to the hearts of generations of textbook writers, never happened in nature.” If it did not happen in nature, that means the only place it “happened” is in the imaginations of the textbook writers. When we look at all the evidence, we discover that horses did not evolve. They were created by an intelligent Designer. Many years ago, God asked Job, “Have you given the horse strength?” (Job 39:19). God’s point was that only He could design and create an animal as amazing as a horse.


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