Homosexuals Twisting Scripture

Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Romans 1:24-29). It is a choice that people make (Miller, 2004). In fact, the only sexual relationship that is sanctioned by God is between one man and one woman who are married to each other (Hebrews 13:4; Matthew 19:1-9). That means that any person who chooses to live in sexual sin, whether it is homosexuality, adultery, fornication, or bestiality, will be lost forever in hell. God does not want homosexuals, pedophiles, or adulterers to go to hell. In fact, the Bible explains that God does not want any person to go to hell, but He wants all people to repent (2 Peter 3:9). God gives to all an equal chance at repentance, without any type of discrimination. But it does not mean that He will save people who refuse to repent of their sins. In fact, Revelation 21:8 explains that sexually immoral people, along with liars and murderers, who refuse to repent, will be lost.

In recent news, the homosexual community has attempted to twist the Scriptures to say that God does not condemn the homosexual lifestyle. Billboards in the Dallas, Texas area have been advertising the Web site This site claims that Jesus and the Old and New Testaments affirm the homosexual lifestyle as legitimate. The site asks: “‘Would Jesus discriminate?’ If your answer is no, then ask yourself ‘why would we?’” Supposedly, Jesus would never judge or discriminate based on a person’s sinful lifestyle, and neither should we. The error with this line of reasoning is that, while it is true that Jesus never discriminated against people’s inherent value, He always condemned sin in their lives and refused to accept them if they did not change their sinful lifestyle.

The site gives several verses that the writers believe support their point. They quote verses mostly about justice. For instance, the site quotes Amos 5:24: “But let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Supposedly, according to this site, it is unjust to tell a person he or she is lost based on his or her sinful lifestyle of homosexuality.

Such reasoning is flawed, to say the least. Here is why. Justice means treating all people fairly and giving people what they deserve. If lying is against God’s nature and morality, then the only way His followers could be just, or fair to all, is to explain that all people who choose to lie, without repenting, will be lost. Again, if murder is wrong in God’s sight, then justice demands that God’s followers explain that murder is wrong and attempt to convince all murderers to stop murdering so that they can be saved. In like manner, if homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle according to God’s Word, then the only true justice His followers could show would be to lovingly and kindly explain to the world, and especially to the homosexual community, that all homosexuals must repent of their sins or be lost eternally.

God loves homosexuals just as much as he loves murderers (and all people, for that matter). He wants, pleads, and demands that they repent of their sins in order to be saved. He does not discriminate against any sinners, since He is not willing that any of them should perish. But His justice demands that all impenitent sinners, including impenitent liars, murderers, thieves, and homosexuals, will be eternally lost. Ironically, it is God’s justice, which is being misused and misunderstood by those at, that will condemn homosexuals if they refuse to walk humbly before their God and change their sinful lifestyle.


Miller, Dave (2004), “An Investigation of the Biblical Evidence Against Homosexuality,”


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