Homosexual Parenting Devastating Children

From Issue: R&R – March 2012

Stephanie Pappas, writing for, recently penned an article titled, “Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents” (2012). In that article she attempted to make the case that same-sex couples provide an environment that is better for raising children than the environment provided by heterosexual couples. To bolster her case, she cited various studies, quoted numerous “experts,” and fleshed out the details with copious statistics. Her thinly veiled attempt to appear unbiased about the issue is extremely transparent, and her clear agenda to advance tolerance for homosexuality, in spite of its real impact on society, was evident.

Consider this. God created humans in His likeness. When He did, He made them “male and female” and designed the first home (Genesis 2:22-24). This divinely ordained, man-woman relationship has been the pillar of every productive society in the history of mankind. Furthermore, since God created humans, and knows precisely what is best for their well-being, only He would be in a position to know which type of parenting situation, same-sex or heterosexual, would be best for rearing children. Not only did He establish the family to be headed by heterosexual parents, but He consistently condemned the homosexual lifestyle as sinful, admonishing homosexuals to repent (Butt, 2003). Therefore, since same-sex parents are openly rebelling against God, and providing this rebellious attitude as an example to their adopted children, their child-rearing environment can never be healthy or wholesome.

It is telling to see one of the reasons that Pappas gives as to why homosexual parenting is “good.” Under the subheading of “Nurturing Tolerance,” Pappas wrote that according to research done by Abbie Goldberg, “the only consistent places you find differences between how kids of gay parents and kids of straight parents turn out are in issues of tolerance and open-mindedness” (2012, emp. added). And in what areas of life, would you guess, the kids of gay parents are more tolerant? Goldberg writes: “These individuals feel like their perspectives on family, on gender, on sexuality have largely been enhanced by growing up with gay parents” (2012, emp. added). And there it is, the primary reason why a person would advocate the sinful situation of homosexual parenting—so that the children will grow up and be more tolerant and open-minded about homosexuality. Families that are led by same-sex parents have jettisoned God’s design for the home, and have turned their situation into a system to perpetuate the acceptance of homosexuality by the next generation of other people’s children that they are raising (since it is biologically impossible for two homosexuals to have children together).

It is true that many heterosexual parents have failed to follow God’s command to bring their children up in the nuture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). But their failure in no way implies that God’s design for the home, based on the monogamous union between one man and one woman for life, is flawed. Homosexual parents, due to their sinful rebellion against God, can never teach their children by their example to love the truth and obey their Creator. What same-sex parents successfully do teach their adopted children, according to Pappas and the research she presented, is to perpetuate a spirit of tolerance for the sin of homosexuality. Pappas’ article provides yet another example of a person calling something good that is evil and putting forth darkness as if it were light (Isaiah 5:20). It should further be noted that the ones who practice homosexuality will not be the only ones called to account for their sinful deeds. Those who “approve of those who practice them” will also be guilty before God (Romans 1:32). Oh, that our sinful nation would forsake its sin and turn back to God, so that God could heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).


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