Helping Christian Public School Teachers “Be Ready”

At a recent Apologetics Press speaking engagement, a Christian public school teacher related to me some distressing news about happenings at the elementary school where she teaches. She explained that reading is heavily emphasized, which is a good thing. However, because the students are being required to read so much material each month and take computer tests over the material they are reading, the students are running across more evolutionary propaganda in their school libraries: especially false teaching about dinosaurs, the evolutionary origin of mankind, and the Big Bang theory.

On a positive note, the students regularly approach this Christian teacher with questions regarding these issues. She requested some of our children’s materials so she could have them on hand when students ask her such questions, and wisely made the suggestion that we consider highlighting such materials for other Christian public school teachers who are in the same situation as she. To that end, we want to make you aware of certain materials we have produced that would be excellent items to have on hand in elementary school classrooms.

“Journey #1” of our Explorer Series, recommended for 3rd-6th graders, provides the answers to the above questions and many others. There are 13 lessons in the journey, which are each 8-page, full-color lessons with professional artwork and illustrations that will definitely appeal to young readers. Activities, such as puzzles, word-finds, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false questions, and mazes are used to emphasize the material covered in each lesson. It would be difficult to conceive of a better way to combat the agenda of the atheistic community than to have such materials on hand for those children who innocently come to their teachers looking for answers to the complex issues being forced on their minds at such early ages. Such issues could destroy their faith in God and His word before it has even taken root, if we are not ready to combat them. The following link will take you directly to this product in the Apologetics Press Web store: Feel free to call our offices, if you would like to speak with someone about this or other products (800-234-8558).

Also, please remember that there are a host of materials available—free of charge—on our Web site, which could be printed and handed out to children as needed. Several past issues of our monthly Christian evidences journal for kids, Discovery, would be excellent sources of information on the aforementioned topics. These are available on the site in PDF format where they can be downloaded with ease for your use. Consider, for example, past issues which address topics like:

·         Dinosaurs (in the Bible and proof that they co-existed with man):

·         The Age of the Earth:

·         Alleged Human Evolution:

·         Evolution and the Laws of Science:

May we also suggest that you consider donating Apologetics Press children’s books to the school and public libraries in your area?

·         Dinosaurs Unleashed is an extremely popular children’s book written for 3rd-6th graders that teaches the truth about dinosaurs in a beautifully illustrated way:

·         The Learn to Read Series (for ages 3-6) teaches children to read while introducing them to the Creator and His creation:

·         The Early Reader Series (for 1st and 2nd graders):

·         The Advanced Reader Series (for 2nd and 3rd graders):

·          Truth Be Told (for 5th-8th graders) is a compilation and refutation of the false evolutionary ideas taught in many science textbooks today:

·         In light of the many books that are being produced by the homosexual community, aimed at teaching children that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle, may we recommend that you donate copies of Does God Love Michael’s Two Daddies? to as many libraries as you can? Many Christians, sadly, are losing the battle being fought for the minds of children in this sensitive area:

As always, thank you for your interest in and support of Apologetics Press.


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