Hear the AP Speakers at PTP

As is typically the case, several Apologetics Press speakers will be presenting at Polishing the Pulpit (PTP) starting this week (August 14-22)—18 times in all. When we add to that list the lectures being presented by auxiliary writers, support staff, and even wives, the number increases to 66! Topics include,

“Is Creation ‘Scientific’—Able to Make Predictions?”

“‘Atheist-Making’ Bible Verses You Need to Know”

“You Have Heard That It Has Been Said: God Accepts Homosexuals”

“But My Science Book Says…”

“Reality of Noah’s Ark”

“Recent Decisions and New Religion Cases Facing the Supreme Court”

“The Discovery and Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls”

“Where Are the Aliens?”

“Do We Have the True New Testament?”

You can view the PTP schedule here.

As a special note, be sure to join Dr. Dewayne Bryant and me on Thursday as we lead a fieldtrip to the McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture (click here to register). Also remember that AP will have a booth set up in the exhibit area, as usual. Drop by, say “Hi!” and come learn more about the new AP apologetics study Bible.

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