He Forsook the Treasures of Egypt

 When Moses grew to manhood, he refused to serve as an Egyptian prince any longer. He knew he had a place in helping to bring the Christ into the world. The Bible tells us that Moses considered his role in God’s plan (to suffer for the coming Christ) “greater than the treasures of Egypt” (Hebrews 11:26).

This was a wonderful sacrifice on the part of Moses, and shows the greatness of his faith, because the Egyptians were very rich. But Moses was willing to leave all that behind him to serve God.

The wealth of Egypt was illustrated in an exciting way a few years ago when an archaeologist (one who digs up and studies ancient cities) by the name of Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen (usually called “King Tut”). Tut was a rather unimportant king. He was only about eighteen years of age when he died. And yet, when his tomb was opened, it contained a collection of about 5,000 treasures, many of which were solid gold. There was an old saying in Egypt that “gold is as common as dust,” and this discovery certainly seems to support that. One small golden coffin (only fifteen-and-a-half inches long) was valued at $250,000!

Think about the kind of faith that Moses must have had to leave all this wealth behind him, and to join a band of Hebrew slaves in order to do God’s will. Moses knew that there are some things much more precious than gold. Serving God is the most important thing in human existence. It is the reason for life. 


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