Have You Rebooked Your AP Seminar?

From Issue: R&R – June 2020

The coronavirus has certainly wreaked havoc on our country. Nevertheless, the work of the Lord must press forward. Indeed, human history is chock  full of disruptions, calamities, and hardships that have plagued mankind. Such occurrences are part of the created order as God designed it to give us the proper environment in which to make our own decision with regard to our eternal destiny. No matter what may be happening in the world, the Christian maintains the spiritual perspective that God wants us to have, all the while realizing that “this world is not our home—we’re just passing through.”

Due to the recent circumstances, AP speakers were unable to conduct many scheduled seminars. But as the virus threat has subsided somewhat, it’s time for churches to consider the importance of continuing the ongoing effort to nourish young and old alike with spiritual food that will strengthen them to withstand “the wiles of the devil” and remain faithful to God. Consequently, we want to remind our readers of the availability of powerful information presented by AP speakers that will enhance the spiritual well-being of Christians and their children. A variety of subjects are offered that we believe will thrill the soul and embolden one’s spirit to live fearlessly in this world despite a host of spiritually threatening forces that seek to subvert and deter us from entering heaven.

Please spread the word and encourage those in your acquaintance to take advantage of these enriching seminars.



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