Have archaeologists found any remains of Noah’s ark?

From Issue: Discovery 11/1/2000

Dear Geoffrey,

Through the years, lots of people have claimed to have discovered Noah’s ark. Unfortunately, none of these reports has been proven. That’s not too surprising when you think about the ark and where it landed. It was a wooden craft that came to rest somewhere in the mountainous region of Ararat. This area has experienced glaciation and volcanic activity. In the 4,500 years since the Flood, it is very likely that the wood has rotted, been crushed by ice, or buried by volcanic eruptions. And who knows, maybe Noah and his family used all that gopher wood to build new homes or make fires?

Still, some people like to make fun of Noah’s ark. They believe it never existed. So wouldn’t it be nice to find a piece of the ark to wave in front of their noses? Sadly, evidence like this might never satisfy critics of the Bible. They might agree that the remains belong to an old wooden vessel, but this will not be enough to convince them that the Book of Genesis is true. They have made up their minds that the Bible is wrong. We can give lots of evidence to show that the Bible is right, but our audience has to have an open mind.


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