God Created Dogs

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2010

God knows everything. When He created the world, He made sure to put the animals and plants on the Earth that were best for His purpose. On day six of Creation, the Bible explains that God created all land living animals (Genesis 1:24). That means on day six, God created dogs, or what we might call the “dog kind.” The reason we use the word “kind” is because God did not create all the thousands of types of dog on that day. He did not create Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, pugs, Dalmatians, and all the other dogs we see today. Instead, God created one or a few types of dogs that had all the information in their genes (or DNA) to become the different breeds of dog that we see today. Let me explain.

Every animal has a special code in its body called DNA. That DNA determines what color the animal will be, how tall or short it will grow, how many legs and arms it will have, and all its other physical characteristics. But in each animal there is “more” information than is “expressed.” That means, a black dog might have information in its DNA to be the color red, white, brown, or black, but only the black code is turned on. That is why a black mother dog can have babies that are brown, white, red, or spotted. Her DNA can have the code for all the colors.

Let’s say that we wanted dogs that are always brown. How could we get all brown dogs? The answer is really simple. We just take a brown dog and breed it to another brown dog. Then, if those two have puppies that are black, brown, or red, we simply take only the brown ones and breed them to brown dogs. If we do this enough times, we can get rid of the DNA code for black, red, or white, and we will have all brown dogs.

But notice what happened. We started off with a dog that had the DNA code to give us black, brown, red, white, or other colors. After we kept picking the brown ones, we eventually had dogs that had lost the code for black, white, red, or any other color. We did not get more DNA code or information. We actually lost information. This is important to know, because people who believe in evolution say that dogs have evolved from lower life forms over millions of years. Evolutionists claim that all the different breeds of dogs are evidence that dogs can evolve and gain new DNA code. But that is simply not the case. In fact, the different breeds of dogs prove just the opposite, since new DNA information is never added.

In truth, the different varieties of dogs prove to us that evolution could not have occurred. Here is why. In nature, the Law of Biogenesis says that all animals come from other animals of their own kind. That means that puppies come from mother dogs, kittens come from mother cats, and snakes come from mother snakes. Yet evolutionists tell us that at some point in the past, a “non-dog” gave birth to a dog. But that could not have happened according to the Law of Biogenesis. Not only that, but all dogs that humans have ever seen give birth have always given birth to puppies, never to animals that were part puppy and part kitten, or part puppy and part whale. We might see a brown mother dog give birth to a black puppy, a white puppy, and a brown one. But we have never seen a mother dog give birth to anything other than a puppy!

The Bible explains to us that when God finished creating the world, He said that it was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). When God looked down on His creation, He knew it was the perfect place for humans to learn to love Him. He created all the land living animals on day six, including dogs. Dogs did not evolve over millions of years by adding new DNA information. They were created by the same intelligent Creator Who created humans. 


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