Global Flood Predictions

One important part of a scientific theory is the ability to make a prediction. A person should be able to fill in the blank in the following sentence: If my theory is true, then we should be able to find evidence of _____________, which supports that theory. For example, if Susie took the cookie, there will be crumbs around the jar. If gravity is true, then when I drop this apple, it will fall to the ground. Predictions are made, and scientific evidence is gathered that supports those theories, or rejects them.

Many non-creationist scientists accuse creationists of believing in theories (Creation and the Flood) that cannot make testable predictions, and are therefore not scientific or useful. That simply is not true. Creationists believe the Bible is right, since it is the Word of God, and they use it to make many testable predictions about the Universe around us. Creationists correctly predict the existence of the laws of science (Job 38:33); evidences of design in the Universe rather than randomness, since God, the Engineer, designed the Universe; evidences of a relatively young Earth, since the Bible tells us that it is only thousands of years old; and many other predictions.

On my trip to Wyoming, we gathered evidence that supports at least three Flood predictions. First, we would predict that since the Earth was once completely covered with water in the Flood, there should be proof of that in the Flood geologic layers. Finding seismites in the Lance formation gives support for that prediction, since large seismites are known to form under large amounts of water.

Second, if the Flood happened, we know that much of the Earth’s formations would have been formed catastrophically, rather than uniformly like evolution predicts. Seismites, fossilized closed clam beds, and huge dinosaur fossil graveyards with thousands of bones in one small area of the Lance formation, provide evidence that supports that prediction.

Third, if the “fountains of the great deep” were “broken up” in the Flood in the violent way described in Genesis 6-9, possibly causing the continent(s) to break apart and move around rapidly, we would predict that some of the continents would have slammed into each other, forming mountain ranges (like the Rocky Mountains in the western U.S.) and causing enormous earthquakes that would have rocked entire continents—probably forming several seismite layers. That is exactly what we find in the Lance formation in the western United States. The Flood happened. Do you believe it?


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