Gifts for the Spirit

From Issue: R&R – December 2010

It is hard to believe that another year on God’s Earth is drawing to a close. As you enjoy the waning days of 2010, and prepare for the coming New Year, we hope you will consider giving A.P. materials to family and friends. Children, grandchildren, and adults will benefit from the wide variety of books, DVDs, tracts, and other resources that A.P. has developed. These are gifts that will “keep on giving” in the days and years ahead—since they were designed to nurture the soul. As we rear our children and grandchildren, our foremost thought ought to be to develop within them spiritual appetites that will cause them to seek their Creator in adulthood. Yes, we want to provide them with physical nourishment to strengthen their bodies. Yes, we want to give them entertaining, but wholesome, books and videos. But above all, we surely want to cultivate their minds with spiritual principles. That is precisely what A.P. materials were created to do! From our children’s television programs (Digger Doug’s Underground) to our Readers and tracts, A.P. resources seek to build character and strengthen the human spirit to obey God. The ploys of Satan are rampant in our declining civilization, and we take seriously the task of saving as many young people as possible. But this goal can only be achieved if those who believe in the work of A.P. help to spread the materials to others. See the center spread of this issue of R&R for a few ideas, or check out our new catalog, or go on-line to our Web store to see the full line of our products. Remember, we are in a spiritual war—and we simply must shoulder our responsibility to participate in opposing the forces of Satan!


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