Getting the Word Out

From Issue: R&R Volume 29 #8

On a regular basis, the staff at Apologetics Press gathers together to pray for the work that the Lord is doing through this organization. One of our constant petitions, as we have mentioned in previous articles of this kind, is that the Lord will get our materials into the hands of the people who can benefit spiritually from them. The Lord is doing that in countless ways, some of which we will never know. But on a regular basis we are permitted a glimpse of what is being done.

We recently were privileged to hear about a unique way in which one congregation of the Lord’s people was able to reach its community with materials from Apologetics Press. One of our supporters, Aaron from Arkansas, took the initiative to set up a Creation Science booth at a local fair. He wrote to us, saying:

I would like to inform you of the success of the Creation science booth at a local festival. It turned out to gain more attention and better responses than we originally expected. We set up the booth near the kids section of the festival. This allowed us to talk with many young families about the problem of evolution and the reality of creation…. The booth had a “Dino Dig” for the kids to dig up buried dinosaurs to win a prize. While the kids were digging, we would inform their parents about the purpose of the booth…. We gave away almost all the materials and talked with hundreds of people about our Creator…. Thank you so much with your help in making this booth a reality. I look forward to working with you in the future with similar events.

Our hats are off to Aaron. When he approached a local eldership about financing the venture, the eldership agreed to offer their support. Thanks to the Lord’s blessing, we were able to supply Aaron with hundreds of dollars worth of materials for a fraction of the regular cost. As Aaron stated, he and his workers then gave the materials free to those visiting the booth.

It is so exciting to see the Lord answering our prayers through the lives and work of others. Furthermore, a host of those who receive our materials at fairs or other outreach opportunities often visit our Web site. Many come to the Web site for information about dinosaurs or some other science related topic, but then read articles about Christ, the plan of salvation, and the church. We often receive e-mail from these visitors informing us of their decisions to forsake their previously held false beliefs and practices.

We continue to be amazed at God’s providence as it plays out in our ministry. Could it be that you could impact your community for Christ with an outreach idea like Aaron’s? Is there a local fair that could afford an opportunity for you to put interesting, scientifically sound, biblically accurate materials into the hands of young families who need to know God’s Word? Could you donate A.P. materials to the public libraries in your county? Could you send our inexpensive DVDs to your neighbors living close to you? We are always looking for ways to accomplish our mission of empowering others with God’s Truth. Will you partner with us to touch the lives of those in your sphere of influence?


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