Have you ever watched your dad check the water in his car’s radiator? Why do cars have radiators? As your dad drives his car, the engine gets hot. If the engine gets too hot, it will break down. To keep this from happening, the radiator sends water and chemicals into the engine to cool it down.

But, have you ever heard of an animal with a radiator? You may think that man was the first one to invent such a nifty cooling system, but that is not true. God designed certain animals with their own built-in “radiators.” For example, the African gazelle can run very fast—up to 50 miles per hour! As it runs, its body temperature increases quickly. If its brain reached the same temperature as its body, it would overheat and the animal would die. That does not happen. Why?

The gazelle has a large pool of blood near its nostrils. As air comes into the nose, it cools this blood. Before blood goes to the gazelle’s brain, it must go through this pool. So, even though the gazelle’s blood heats up when it runs, this hot blood doesn’t ever reach the brain. It goes through the pool of cooler blood and is cooled. Then it is sent to the brain. While the animal’s body temperature may be high, the temperature of the blood reaching the brain is just right!

Could this “radiator” have just happened? No! The gazelle’s cooling system is too well designed to have occurred by accident. Then how did it happen? God designed it, just as He did everything in our Universe. Only a foolish person would say that there is no God (Psalm 14:1). There is much evidence in the world to show us He does exist.


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