From Fig Leaves to Grape Jucie

From Issue: Discovery 9/1/2002

Plants are mentioned throughout the Bible, from the first chapter of Genesis where they were created, to the last chapter of Revelation where the Tree of Life is mentioned. They played an important role throughout the Bible, and were often used as examples in stories. Even the first clothes were made out of plants. When Adam and Eve realized that they were naked, they used fig leaves to cover themselves (Genesis 3:7).

The people in the Bible depended on certain plants. When the Israelites were sent to explore the land God had promised them, Moses sent them with special instructions to see “whether the land is rich or poor; and whether there are forests or not” (Numbers 13:20). If the land was poor, then they could not grow the corn, wheat, barley, and other foods they needed to survive. And the Israelites needed the wood from the forests for building or cooking, and to use as weapons and tools.

Jesus also mentioned plants several times as examples in His stories. In Matthew 13:1-43, Jesus told three stories using plants as illustrations. The main story explained how a man was sowing seed in a field, and what happened to the seeds. Some fell on the path and were eaten by birds; some grew, but died because the soil was too rocky; some were choked out by weeds; and some grew to be plants that gave more seeds. Jesus used this story to show what happened when His Word (the seed) was preached to people (represented by the ground). If they accepted His Word, then it grew in them like a plant grows in the ground.

When Christians take the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, did you know that they are eating parts of plants? The grape juice, which represents Jesus’ blood, is made from grapes. And the bread, which represents Jesus’ body, is made of grain. Both of these plants can be found all over the world, so God used something for the Lord’s Supper that everyone would have.

Plants have played an important part in the Bible. From using fig leaves for clothes, to the grapes and grain used in the Lord’s Supper, the Bible is full of plants being used for many different things. Plants are another way that we can see God’s awesome power and design.


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