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From Issue: R&R – February 2019

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As a non-profit organization, Apologetics Press has always provided an assortment of free products to the public. Of necessity, a portion of our operating budget is dependent on the sale of our printed products. However, since our objective is to get the Word of God out to the world, we regularly find ways to get our materials into the hands of people without charging them, including 99% of everything on our website.

One of those avenues of availability has been by means of our free PDF-Books in which the text of our printed books is converted to an electronic format. We presently have 37 such books available for free downloading at our website. Each book contains the text of the print version, and has been placed into an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for ease of reproduction. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader® software in order to view these files. If you do not have a browser with this plug-in, you may obtain a free version from the Adobe website. A link is provided on our site. We plan to place additional books on our website as circumstances allow.

Observe that the availability of these free books constitutes an excellent way to engage in evangelism. One can easily point people to our site for easy access to these materials. One can do so by e-mail (sending a link to one of the books), social media postings, phone calls, letters, and word of mouth. Additionally, the prospect will be exposed to our entire site which will provide an abundance of materials that may cause them to consider the truth in view of their soul’s salvation. Please take advantage of these spiritually rich resources.


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