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From Issue: R&R – June 2022

As a non-profit organization, Apologetics Press has always offered its products at prices far below retail. Additionally, we have always made available an assortment of free products to the public. Of necessity, a portion of our operating budget is dependent on the sale of our printed products. However, since our objective is to get the Word of God out to the world, we regularly find ways to get our materials into the hands of people without charging them. The vast majority of the materials we have produced are available for free on our website. Consider the following:

  • We offer free PDF-Books in which the text of our printed books is converted to an electronic format. We presently have 30 such books available for free downloading at our website. (
  • We have on our site over 400 videos that may be viewed for free—involving a host of topics and subjects. (
  • We have an online Bible class curriculum. All the material for two-year-olds through fourth grade is completely free. (
  • We offer three free Christian evidences Home Study Courses—Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced—each having 10 lessons as well as an answer sheet. (
  • We provide an “Other Languages” section of our site that contains materials in eight languages: Spanish, Swahili, Haitian Creole, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Romanian, and Russian. Look for the “English” icon at the top right of our main page. Our Spanish section contains over 700 articles. (
  • We offer free supplemental materials for our recently released Flooded book posted on a separate site that includes a wealth of teaching aids including videos, quizzes, science experiments, and much more. Click on “Flooded Book Site” at the “Learn” tab on our main page. (
  • Our Advanced Bible Reader (ABR) site encourages Bible reading and the reading of Bible-related material, designed primarily for those in kindergarten through the sixth grade. Parents and teachers can monitor student progress and participate in the effort to promote Bible reading among the young. (
  • From the ABR site, one can click on the AP/JR. icon and encounter a host of free articles for kids, including articles from our Discovery magazine for young people. Numerous videos can also be accessed—including episodes of AP’s children’s television program Digger Doug’s Underground. (
  • And, of course, our site is literally loaded with thousands of free articles for adults, including past issues of our flagship journal Reason & Revelation. (

Observe that the availability of these free materials constitutes an excellent way to engage in evangelism. One can easily point people to our site for easy access to these materials. One can do so by email (sending a link to one of the books), social media postings, phone calls, letters, and word of mouth. We hope you are taking advantage of these spiritually rich resources.


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