Fossils That Formed Before the Flood

From Issue: Discovery 12/1/2019

Catastrophic activity is responsible for the formation of fossils. Therefore, most of the fossils on the planet were formed by the worldwide, catastrophic Flood of the Bible. Some formed after the Flood from smaller scale catastrophic events. Fossils formed before the Flood (many of the Pre-Cambrian fossils) are thought by Creation scientists to have been formed during Creation week and the years between Creation and the Flood. A few species are found in the Pre-Cambrian strata (for example, the trilobite-like Spriggina, the slug-like Kimberella, and the plant-like Charniodiscus) that are thought by Creation scientists to be from the Flood. But hardly any pre-Flood fossils remain. Most were probably destroyed when the Flood began. The highest rock layers of the pre-Flood world (where most pre-Flood fossils would have been buried) were apparently completely destroyed in the Flood. There are a few fossils left, though, such as algae and protists. Let’s look at a couple others:

Stromatolites Microfossils


Stromatolites are layers of rock that are thought to have been formed from communities of tiny microorganisms. While today they grow to be roughly three feet in diameter, during the pre-Flood time period, they grew to be miles in diameter.


Microfossils (fossils that can only be studied with microscopes) of cyanobacteria have been found, which are responsible for many of the pre-Flood stromatolites. Many other kinds of bacteria fossils are also found in the oldest rocks.

What was the world like before the Flood? Not much is known since the Flood was so destructive. God only left us a few clues. We know one thing, though: when humanity turns its back on God like the people of Noah’s world did, the tolerance of God eventually “runs out” and His judgment follows. Let’s be sure to obey God and tell others how to do so, too!



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