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From Issue: R&R – July 2021

Modern science, as taught in most schools and in most major science magazines, has been highjacked by naturalistic evolutionists. Yet God owns science, not evolutionists. He instituted science and wants us to engage in it, since through science we can learn about Him (Romans 1:20), as well as subdue and have dominion over the Earth (Genesis 1:28), which can help us serve Him better.

Apologetics Press recently released a powerful new book titled Flooded which demonstrates the profound impact that the Flood inevitably exerts on a proper understanding of science. This volume and its associated website are designed to provide parents and teachers with the necessary tools to answer the skeptic’s objections to the biblical account of the Flood. It is our goal to help young people develop an interest in science as God intended: a study of God and the things He has done (Psalm 111:2). At the same time, we wish to prepare them to respond to naturalistic evolutionists who would undermine their faith with false teaching and paint Christianity as a blind (evidence-less) faith based on ancient myths and fairytales, rather than real history.

If you have not already done so, allow me to urge you to acquire a copy of the Flooded book and also to visit the website in order to access the many resources available for your use. These include charts, vocabulary lists, answers to chapter questions, videos, and other useful tools.


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