Flood VBS

From Issue: R&R – February 2020

Apologetics Press released its first VBS curriculum 10 years ago, with a second to follow three years later. The first is titled “God’s Creation” and the second is “The Bible is God’s Word: Digging For Answers.” These two excellent products have been used over the years by hundreds of churches with outstanding results. What is unusual about these two items is that each consists of a CD-ROM packed with informative lessons, PowerPoint slides, creative craft and game ideas, skit scripts, decoration ideas and templates, and more. While both of these tools have served the purposes for which they were created, we decided the time had come for us to produce a more traditional VBS in which we provide churches with all the materials they need, rather than leaving it to them to print their own.

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We are pleased to announce the availability of our first “traditional” VBS that surpasses all our hopes and expectations. Created by talented AP Youth Publications Coordinator, Jeremy Pate, it is titled: “Flood.” First and foremost, this VBS provides young people with answers to the skeptic’s challenges directed against the biblical account of the Flood. The Christian faith is under heavy attack. Our young people need answers now, and AP is in a position to provide valuable truths/proofs to enable our children to withstand the sinister attacks on their faith that they receive in public schools and beyond. These challenges include: “How could Noah have built such a large vessel?” “How could all those animals fit into the ark?” “What happened to all that water?”

Materials are available for Preschool through Adult. An incredible array of provisions are available, including games, crafts, songs, a visual aid package which includes 20 beautiful posters, name tags, teacher manuals, student workbooks, decorating ideas, advertising ideas, a thumb drive that contains videos and T-shirt designs, and much, much more. Though material for five days is included, the curriculum is designed to be adapted to a one-day, three-day, or four-day format as well. The artwork alone is visually stunning and memorable. You will want to acquire a sample kit in order to see just how impressive this VBS is in its potential to impact young and old alike with the integrity and accuracy of the biblical account of the Flood.


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