Feathered Tails

From Issue: Discovery 1/1/2007

Although birds may not be the first animals that come to mind when you think of tails, God designed them with some of the most beautiful and practical tails in the animal kingdom. Birds use their feathered tails to do all sorts of things. Similar to a rudder on the tail of an airplane, a bird’s tail can help it steer while in flight. The surface area of the tail can also help produce lift while in the air. When perched, a bird uses its tail feathers to provide balance. Birds can also use their tails to communicate to each other. A wagging or flipping tail can indicate happiness, while tail fanning may be a bird’s way of showing its strength or anger.

God did not have to “try out” tails on birds to see if they would be helpful. He knew they would be helpful from the beginning. In His infinite wisdom, He created our feathered, flying friends on day five of Creation (Genesis 1:20-23) with a variety of marvelous, well-designed tails.


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