Happy Birthday! Using Facebook’s “Create a Fundraiser” Feature to Help AP

Being a non-profit organization, Apologetics Press is “not in it for the profit.” In fact, as my colleague Kyle Butt often says, being a non-profit organization means that we are excellent at losing money. This, we do, by offering our products extremely inexpensively when compared to “market” values. We involve ourselves in important projects that cost money, but which do not necessarily generate revenue. And, in some cases, we give products away to those in need in distant countries. Donations from Christians, therefore, make up most of our revenue and are essential to our work.

With that in mind, if you appreciate our work for the Lord, have a Facebook account, are still willing to highlight your birthday (😊), and would rather help a worthy cause than receive a birthday present this year, why not consider using Facebook’s Create a Fundraiser feature to raise awareness and support for our work on your birthday? On a desktop computer, simply click “Create” at the top of your Facebook page, select “Fundraiser” > “Nonprofit” > “Apologetics Press,” and then follow the remaining instructions. [On a mobile device look for “Fundraisers” in your menu (sometimes under “See More”).]

We would appreciate it, but more importantly, the Lord will be glorified.

PS: Please consider remembering AP when you receive your stimulus check!


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