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From Issue: R&R – August 2011

The work of Apologetics Press is unique. For over three decades, the central thrust has been Christian Evidences—proving the existence of God, demonstrating the inspiration of the Bible, and combating the errors of atheism and evolution. In our efforts to promulgate these truths, it is common for people who come in contact with A.P. materials (especially via our Web site) to ask questions about our views on the basics of Christianity—particularly salvation. We receive considerable calls, letters, and e-mails from around the world requesting our assistance. Though we attempt to respond to every inquiry by providing them with the information they request, we also have typically found it necessary to refer them to other sources where they may receive the “non-apologetics” information they seek. For some years, we lacked a readily available, concise source to assist these inquirers with their search for the truth. Finally, we decided the time had come to produce our own resource that may be made available to those who ask. The result is our booklet: Receiving the Gift of Salvation.

This brief, succinct booklet offers a non-threatening treatment of the New Testament plan of salvation. It addresses key concepts that clarify this critical topic, including in what sense salvation is a “free gift,” how one takes possession of a gift, whether baptism is a “work,” and the meaning of salvation “by faith.” Due to the generous assistance of our supporters in the publication of this resource, we continue to give them free to non-Christians. We also make them available at a nominal cost to Christians and congregations that desire bulk quantities to use in their local evangelistic efforts.

Another effective form of outreach that is available for your use is found on our Web site. On the far left side of the front page of our Web site is a link titled “Multimedia.” This link will take you to the audio and video resources that we have placed on our site to date. These audio and video presentations are also available for purchase from our offices. We will continue to post additional materials as we are able. No greater purpose occupies the lives of Christians than to aid others in coming to knowledge of the truth on the really important matters of time and eternity (John 7:17; 8:32). Please visit our site at:


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