Evolution: Full of False Teeth

From Issue: Discovery 6/01/2011

According to the theory of evolution, modern human beings evolved over millions of years from a common, ape-like ancestor. If this belief were true, there should be lots of proof in the fossil record of “transitional” creatures—creatures that are ape-like but also human-like, as if they are in the process of gradually changing into human beings. However, even though evolutionists have searched and searched the fossil record for “missing link” fossils over the years, there simply is no evidence of these transitional creatures.

In the past, evolutionists have run across fossilized teeth and hoped they were from transitional creatures. In 1891, evolutionists found fossilized teeth, the upper part of a skull, and a thigh bone on the banks of the Solo River in the Dutch Indies and assumed they were from a transitional creature. From these, evolutionists drew what they thought the creature would have looked like, calling it “Java Man.” Over time, they found that the leg bone and teeth were actually from a human and the skullcap was from a monkey.

In 1912, a doctor found a jaw bone and a portion of a skull in a gravel pit in England and assumed that the fossils were from a transitional creature they called “Piltdown Man.” From those two items, evolutionists made a skull to show what they thought the transitional creature’s head would have looked like. But in 1953, Piltdown Man was found to be a fake. The skull fossil was from a human, and the jaw bone was from an ape. The fossilized teeth had been changed on purpose to make them look old.

In 1922, newspapers printed a picture of male and female human-like creatures that evolutionists had drawn based on one fossil tooth they had found, which they claimed was from a prehistoric transitional creature. They called it “Nebraska Man.” However, within five years, scientists had decided that the tooth was actually from a wild pig—not a transitional creature.

Evolutionists really want to find proof of transitional creatures, since their false theory needs them in order to be true. They will continue to have trouble finding them, however, since transitional creatures never existed. In truth, humans did not evolve from ape-like creatures. Instead, God created every creature “according to its kind” (Genesis 1:24).


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