Evolution and Global Warming

From Issue: Discovery 3/1/2010

Evolution and man-made global warming are two different theories. Evolution says that human ancestors include fish and frogs. Global warming has to do with the supposed rising temperatures on Earth, which many say are caused by man’s use of coal, oil, and gas, among other things. So what do these two theories have in common?

First, so many of those who believe in evolution and man-made global warming act as if both theories are proven facts. When people bring up scientific evidence that contradicts either theory, the evidence often is either dismissed or “explained” away. Why? Because “everyone (supposedly) knows” that evolution and man-made global warming are proven facts. The problem is, neither evolution nor man-made global warming has ever been proven.

Second, defenders of evolution and man-made global warming have attempted to convince people that all smart scientists believe in these theories. Many students have accepted evolution and man-made global warming as factual, not because the evidence proves them to be true, but because their “brilliant” teachers declare that they are true. The fact is, however, many thousands of brilliant scientists around the world reject both evolution and man-made global warming. Furthermore, truth is not determined by the opinions of anyone. Truth is truth, regardless of who, or how many, believe it.

Consider a final similarity these two theories share: neither is based upon the truths of God’s Word. The Bible tells us that God created fish on day five of Creation, and man on day six. Man did not evolve from fish (or anything else) over millions of years. What’s more, the Bible indicates that Jesus, not man-made global warming, is going to destroy Earth. People should certainly try to be good stewards of what God created for us, but that doesn’t mean we should not drive cars that expel carbon dioxide, or that we shouldn’t raise cows that belch methane gas. The fact is, this Earth will remain the home of mankind until Jesus returns to judge the world and destroy the Earth.


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