Eternally Beneficial Gifts

From Issue: R&R – Issue 43 #12

What is our reaction to the hundreds or thousands of advertisements we see this time of the year? Are we triggered to impulsively purchase the latest gizmo for our kids? Do we begin pondering about a new pullover for Dad or a coffee mug for Mom? Or do we just become overwhelmed, uncertain, and frustrated by it all—all the ads, choices, expenses, and commercialized hype of the holidays? And hours or days later, do we feel a little “empty” because so much thought, time, and money went toward relatively insignificant things?

Though we may never go wrong with purchasing a good pair of socks or a nice warm sweater (one of my favorites!), Christians should seriously think about gift-giving from an eternal perspective. What can we give to family members, friends, and even our enemies that may change them eternally and lead them closer to God? Do they need a Bible? Could they use an apologetics study Bible, perhaps one with a thumb index?

Do your kids (or someone else’s) have questions about animals that Wonders of God’s Creation could answer? Do they have doubts about God creating dinosaurs on Day Six of Creation that Dinosaurs Unleashed could logically dispel? How about these two foundational books by Kyle Butt: How Do You Know God Is Real? and How Do You Know the Bible Is From God? What child doesn’t need one or more good books like these for Christmas?

Dr. Dave Miller’s The Silencing of God and Christ and the Continental Congress make excellent coffee table books. And know this: I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted getting Dr. Jeff Miller’s fascinating book Flooded. In fact, the response over the past three years to this full-color, 200-page, hardback book has been overwhelmingly positive. Families love it, and I have no doubt yours will, too. So, if Apologetics Press may help you with any of your gift-giving needs or wants, please don’t hesitate to visit us at


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