Election Year: Seminar Time!

As you are likely aware, this year is a presidential election year. There has likely never been a more critical election in the history of these United States—an election whose results could lay the foundation for a move back towards God, or further away from Him. It is time to ring out the message in congregations and communities about the importance of this election and the moral direction in which this country is headed in comparison with its roots. Now is the time to schedule regular, concerted prayer times in as many churches as possible across the nation. Without losing our persistence over the coming year, we must send a constant barrage of fervent prayers before the throne of the Almighty, beseeching Him to show our great country mercy concerning our transgressions, and bless us with a leader who will boldly lead us back into a state of moral sanity.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to schedule a seminar at your congregation for next year that will awaken your congregation and your community to the importance of their spiritual and civic duties in the coming election. Dr. Dave Miller has devoted countless hours to research and preparation for disseminating the truth about the Founders of this country, and the importance of God and morality to the future of the nation. In addition to the dozens of congregations who have hosted and are continuing to host The Silencing of God seminar, many congregations have already scheduled the sequel seminar, America’s Most Pressing Concern, in their area. Please consider scheduling one of these seminars today before the list of available weeks disappears from Dr. Miller’s calendar, by calling our offices in Montgomery (334-272-8558). [NOTE: See LINK for information about these, and other, seminars]

Also consider purchasing for your coffee table, or as gifts to neighbors and friends, The Silencing of God: The Dismantling of America’s Christian Heritage ( and Christ and the Continental Congress ( books. The ever popular video series of The Silencing of God seminar is also free online (


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