New AP VBS—Operation: Creation

From Issue: R&R – April 2023

Apologetics Press is excited about our most recent addition to our VBS selection options. “Operation: Creation” is our latest VBS curriculum that we believe will be another tremendous contribution to the goal of educating and equipping young people to withstand the onslaughts of unbelief and skepticism that permeate our society. The subtitle for this VBS is “Defending the Foundations of the Universe.”

In this engaging and faith-building study, students will learn the differences between Creation and Evolution. These differences include learning about the origins of the Universe and the crucial differences between the Bible’s account of Creation and “The Big Bang.” Students will also study the age of the Earth and learn why it matters. They will learn about some of the important evidence for Creation to be found on Earth and why it doesn’t support evolution. They will examine evidence from the animal kingdom and how this evidence points away from evolution and towards a supernatural Creator. They will also learn why God is the only good explanation for how human beings came to be on Earth.

“Operation: Creation” is an enjoyable, Bible-based, educational, and age-appropriate way to equip all ages for a lifetime of defending their faith against the attacks of evolution. We have endeavored to make this material biblical, practical, easy-to-use, and enjoyable for everyone. Our hope is that everyone who participates in your VBS will experience great spiritual growth and encouragement. A VBS Sample Kit is available to give you a hands-on look at exactly what this VBS offers.

Operation: Creation VBS


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