Editor’s Note—New AP Readers

From Issue: R&R – May 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of three more AP Readers to the collection. The “Learn to Read” series is designed to provide books for children (ages 3-6) for the purpose of assisting them in learning to read, while simultaneously introducing them to the Creator and His creation. The new addition to this reader level is Crows, Does, and Hippos.

The Early Reader series is written on a kindergarten through second grade level (ages 6-8). The new addition to this series is titled God Made Horses.

Written for ages 7-9, our Advanced Reader series is designed to help children improve their developing reading skills while learning about God’s amazing design in nature. The addition to this fascinating series is titled Amazing Eyes.

All three of the AP Readers series are designed to enhance youth reading skill while simultaneously directing the child’s attention to God. With beautiful, full-color pictures and interesting facts about God’s wonderfully designed Creation, your child will develop a greater love both for reading and for the grand Designer.

AP Readers


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