Drastic DVD Liquidation

From Issue: R&R – May 2022

UPDATE: This sale has expired and the sale prices are no longer available, but many of the DVDs are available.

For many years, AP has provided the public with a host of DVDs that address a variety of topics and critical issues. It’s hard to believe that the DVD is now going the way of the audio cassette tape and the VHS tape. They are being phased out by “the powers that be” as technology continues to expand, develop, and improve. Most computers and cars being sold on the market these days no longer have DVD or CD slots. While many people will continue to hold on to their DVD players as long as possible, nevertheless, the time is coming when they will be completely obsolete.

We thought this might be a good time to reduce our DVD inventory so that the material preserved on these disks might be accessed while the market still supports the format. Hence, we are implementing a “drastic DVD liquidation” sale in hopes that these materials will find interested individuals who will acquire and view them.

In the meantime, AP has been gradually moving toward online access to our videos where people can view them without charge. Since we are a nonprofit organization—our sole purpose is to spread the Word of God around the world—we seek to accommodate the electronic trend of providing video viewing without cost. We depend on our gracious supporters to “take up the slack” so that we may be able to make this transition without reducing our productivity and effectiveness as an evangelistic outreach.

Now is the time to acquire any DVDs that you may not have acquired from AP as well as to buy extras to pass to individuals that you want to influence with the truth. Like tracts, this form of evangelism makes it possible for both churches and individual Christians to teach and promote God’s thinking inexpensively and with ease. Please consider taking advantage of this transitional phase and help us get these spiritually enriching materials into the hands of those who may profit from them.


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