Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Dinosaurs

From Issue: Discovery 9/1/2008

Many museums have amazing exhibits of dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs have huge bones, massive teeth, and monster claws. It is fun to look at fossils of reptiles from the past and see what they may have looked like and how they might have lived. But we must be careful. Not everything we see in museums, in movies or television, or read in books, is correct. In fact, much of it is wrong.

For instance, several years ago a movie titled Jurassic Park was released. This movie presented a dinosaur called Velociraptor as a dangerous, deadly dinosaur that was about seven feet tall. This creature was supposed to be very smart and hunted in packs of three. But in reality, Velociraptor was a small dinosaur only about 1.5 feet high—the size of an average dog. The movie producers enlarged the creature for the movie, but it was not really that big. Plus, there is virtually no way to know from the fossils if velociraptor hunted in packs of three.

If you read dinosaur books, watch dinosaur movies, or visit museums, you probably have seen some dinosaurs with feathers. According to evolutionists, dinosaurs evolved into birds, and that is why they picture some of them with feathers. The problem with this idea is that no one has ever found any dinosaur fossils that have feathers. Furthermore, the Bible says that birds were created on day five of Creation and land animals like dinosaurs were created on day six. Dinosaurs could not have evolved into birds if God created birds first.

Just last year, one of the biggest dinosaur museums in the world, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, located in Pittsburgh, decided to redo their entire dinosaur collection. They realized that many of the fossils and exhibits that once were thought to be right, were very wrong. In fact, they said that they were changing them to be as accurate as possible, but in a few years, they might have to redo their exhibit again.

The Bible is the only source of information that is right all the time, and will always be right. Anything that you see, hear, or read about dinosaurs that does not agree with the Bible, is wrong. It is fun to learn about dinosaurs, but we must be careful to remember that even scientists and those who study dinosaurs make mistakes—but God never makes mistakes.


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