Does God Have a Cause?

From Issue: Discovery 7/1/2015

Hold on just a minute! If we argue that every material effect must have a cause, and we say that only God could have caused the Universe, then doesn’t the law of cause and effect apply to God, too? Or, to put it another way—what caused God?

There is a single word in the law of cause and effect that helps provide the answer to this question—the word material. Every material effect must have an adequate cause that comes before it. Scientists have recognized the law of cause and effect based upon what they have observed while studying this Universe, which is made out of matter. No science experiment in the world can be performed on God, because He is an eternal spirit, not matter (John 4:24). Science is far from learning everything about this material world, and it is even farther from understanding the eternal nature of God. There had to be a first Cause, and God was (and is) the only One suitable for the job.


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