Do Dinosaurs Have Ears?

From Issue: Discovery 3/1/2010

Dear Peyton,

Great question. Have you ever seen a picture of a dinosaur with ears? Probably not the kind of ears like humans, cats, or dogs have. Why? To answer your question, think about reptiles and amphibians that are living today. Do turtles have ears? What about snakes, lizards, or frogs—do they have ears? Since dinosaurs were reptiles, they most likely did not have external (outside ears) like you see on a dog or cat. Instead, they probably had ears like you see on other reptiles. Some reptiles have holes in their heads that lead to their internal (inside) ears. Certain amphibians, like many frogs, have a thin layer of skin just behind their eyes called a tympanum. This thin skin detects sounds by acting like an eardrum. Whichever of these kinds of ears dinosaurs had, you can be sure that God designed their ears just right for them.


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