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From Issue: R&R – Issue 44 #3

If your 11-year-old son came home from school one day this week and began asking questions about English peppered moths and their role in proving the theory of evolution, how would you respond? What if your 12-year-old granddaughter came home from her middle school science class asking questions about our alleged ape-like ancestors? Could you give her a reasonable answer that she could take back to her teacher and fellow students? And what about the dinosaurs that, according to your children’s textbooks, became extinct at least 60 million years before humans ever were around? 

Textbooks are often filled with evolutionary teachings. One particular middle school science textbook that I have in my office devotes 20 pages to teaching about our “ape-like ancestors.” No less than 15 pages are dedicated to teaching about dinosaurs living millions of years before humans. Also included in this textbook are lessons about the English peppered moth, the evolutionary geologic timetable, and numerous charts and pictures that attempt to illustrate how evolution has “taken place in the Earth’s 4.6-billion-year existence.”

What are you doing to combat the many things the precious children in your sphere of influence hear that contradict the Bible? What kind of material are you giving kids to counter the destructiveness of evolutionary theory? I would like to encourage you to consider purchasing Discovery magazine for your family (and other families). 

Every month, Discovery teaches many young people around the country the truth about God’s world and God’s Word. This magazine is dedicated to teaching the facts about the Bible and science while exposing the many errors children see and hear at school, online, and in print. 

Discovery is a colorful, beautifully illustrated, eight-page monthly magazine. Each issue contains faith-building lessons as well as fun activities to reinforce the truths presented in each article. If you are interested in ordering this magazine for your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, children from church, or kids in your neighborhood, visit

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