Dinosaurs Everywhere

From Issue: Discovery 10/1/2006

If you are anything like me, you love to see dinosaur fossils. It is amazing to see the huge horns of Triceratops, monster teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex, and funny duck-shaped bills of the hadrosaurs. These amazing creatures are unlike any animal alive today, and it is always fun to learn new things about how big they probably were, what they may have eaten, or how they protected themselves from predators.

Because dinosaurs are so interesting, they are often used to teach incorrect ideas about evolution. The dinosaur fossils in the Natural History Museum certainly are used in this way. According to the exhibits, dinosaurs evolved on the Earth about 200 million years ago and lived until about 65 million years ago. Supposedly, the dinosaurs were killed by the effects of a huge asteroid hitting the Earth. It is also suggested that some dinosaurs may have evolved into birds. Furthermore, according to the museum, humans did not evolve until about 3-5 million years ago and were separated from dinosaurs by millions of years.

Several problems exist with the information taught about dinosaurs. We know that humans and dinosaurs lived together in the past. Several past issues of Discovery show rock carvings, stone artwork, and ancient animal descriptions that match dinosaurs perfectly. In fact, in the biblical book of Job, a creature named behemoth is described that matches the description of a huge plant eating dinosaur. Also, the Natural Bridges National Monument contains an ancient Indian carving that matches an Apatosaurus perfectly.

The Bible also tells us that God created all the land animals on day six of the Creation week (Genesis 1:24-31). On that same day, the Bible says that God created Adam and Eve, the first humans. Adam and Eve were not separated from the dinosaurs by millions of years. They were created on the very same day as the dinosaurs. The Bible also says that God created the birds on day five of Creation (Genesis 1:20-23). There would be no way for birds to evolve from dinosaurs, because they were created before dinosaurs. Even though some of the information about dinosaurs that is taught at the Natural History Museum is correct, like their bone size and physical features, the information about the age of the dinosaurs is simply not right.

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