Creative Christ

From Issue: Discovery 4/1/2010

Birds build nests, bees construct hives, and spiders weave webs. God’s creatures can do many amazing things. Keep in mind, however, that animals are guided by instinct. Animals know what kind of home to build, when and where to migrate, and how to communicate with each other, even though they don’t have to be taught these things. God gave animals these (and many other) special abilities, but He did not make them with the kind of creativeness that He gave to mankind.

God created people differently than animals; He made us in His own image (Genesis 1:26-27). One way in which we are more like God and less like animals is in our creative abilities. God created us with the brain power, freedom, and desire to be creative. Man invented the computer on which this issue of Discovery was composed. Man crafts instruments with which he makes music. He constructs spaceships that he then cleverly navigates 240,000 miles to the Moon. He writes poetry, makes laws, and builds everything from pianos to pogo sticks.

God has created you with an amazing brain, which allows you to be creative. You can choose to create all sorts of things, but nothing is more important than being creative for Christ. Like Jesus, Who taught spiritual truths in creative ways, you can help the cause of Christ with your creativity. You might choose to draw beautiful pictures and design uplifting cards for the sick. You might write tunes to go along with scriptures that can be sung in worship to God. One day you might write scriptural sermons and books, create Bible-based PowerPoint lessons, or develop and illustrate Bible class material that can benefit untold thousands of Christians and non-Christians worldwide. Perhaps you will build a new kind of satellite, Web site, or TV station that will be used to get the Gospel to more people around the world.

You are expected to use your God-given brain power in school. One day you will use your creative abilities in your job. But remember that as a Christian, the best way to use our brains and creativeness is in our sincere service to the Lord.


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