Creation Comment Leads to Another Casualty

In his 2008 documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein highlighted “an elitist scientific establishment” that allowed “absolutely no dissent from Charles Darwin’s theory of random mutation and natural selection” (“What Happened…?” 2007, emp. added). As proof of such close-mindedness on the part of “Big Science,” Stein interviewed several intelligent, credentialed scientists. These men and women had been fired from their positions or denied tenure simply because they questioned the factuality of the General Theory of Evolution and/or publicly supported intelligent design. Dr. Jerry Bergman has documented several cases of this same kind of discrimination in his book, Slaughter of the Dissidents: The Shocking Truth about Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters (2008). Stein and Bergman methodically demonstrate that the scientific establishment really is free to think only inside the walls of the “goo-to-you” theory of evolution.

Recently, the scientific establishment claimed another “prominent casualty as the Royal Society’s director of education, Michael Reiss, stepped down” (“Creating Controversy,” 2008, 199[2674]:4). What happened, exactly? Reiss, an evolutionary biologist and ordained Anglican priest speaking at the British Association for the Advancement of Science Festival in September 2008, simply “called for creationism to be discussed in UK science classes” (“Creating Controversy,” p. 4, emp. added). “Creationism,” he said, “is best seen by science teachers not as a misconception but as a world view” (as quoted in Mitchell, 2008).

The greater scientific establishment was none too happy with Reiss for his comments about creationism. Reiss “provoked the anger” of many of the members of the Royal Society (Mitchell, 2008). The leading members wrote to the society’s president “demanding…Reiss step down, or be asked to step down, as soon as possible” (Mitchell, 2008, emp. added). According to the World Socialist, “Reiss was forced to resign” (Mitchell, 2008, emp. added).

Some may wonder why science societies, science departments, etc., are dominated by atheistic evolutionists. Could it be the result of years of dissidents being forced out? The fact is, scientists open to the idea of an intelligent Designer are some of the most discriminated-against people on Earth. Question the theory of evolution publicly, and a scientist must be prepared to lose his job and reputation in the scientific community.


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