Creation Cards for Children

From Issue: R&R – June 2019

For many years, Apologetics Press has endeavored to provide apologetics materials for all ages—from infant to adult. On the lower end of that spectrum, we have two sets of Creation Cards that specifically target babies. One is titled “God’s Animal Kingdom” and the other is titled “Exploring God’s Creation.” These Creation Cards were specially designed to help parents who are passionate about training their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” to be able to begin that task at the earliest stages of their child’s development.

Both sets consist of brilliant, full-color pictures on the front, combined with fascinating facts on the back. Their sturdy, resilient structure is designed to endure some serious “exploration.” Each card contains special emphasis on God’s design and creative power. The first set teaches a child about God’s animal kingdom, including fish, foxes, and frogs. The second set presents unique facets of God’s creation, enabling a child to explore such things as the Sun, Moon, stars, sky, water, rain, and grass. We have recently upgraded the “Exploring God’s Creation” set with brand new images and additional cards.

Parents, grandparents, interested friends, and fellow church members will want to utilize these cards in expanding the minds of little people, instilling in them at an early age the critical reality of God and His creative activity. Please consider acquiring copies and passing them on to families and friends who have children that would benefit from them.


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