Corruption in Hollywood

From Issue: Discovery 10/1/2008

Would you like to be a famous actor or actress? Would you like to star in the leading role of an action movie? Can you hear your name being announced to the world as the winner of an Oscar award? If you can, you are certainly not alone. Millions of kids hope to be famous movie stars one day. But it is extremely difficult in the 21st century to be a faithful Christian and an actor or actress at the same time. Actors frequently leave behind Christian morals. The entertainment industry is a major reason why America has lost many of her godly values.

Hollywoodis filled with individuals who have rejected the morality taught in the Bible. Though actors often discuss their religious backgrounds and faith, they contradict themselves by starring in movies that promote sins such as lying, stealing, adultery, homosexuality, sex, drugs, crime, gang activity, and even murder. When an actor wins an award, we often hear the person praise God for helping them through struggles in life. They often thank God for the things they have, but do they mean what they say? They may turn right around and star in a movie that blasphemes God’s name. The film characters often encourage cursing, lying, cheating, stealing, and having sexual relations outside of a lawful marriage. Even though the actors may not commit these sins in real life, by endorsing evil, they influence those who watch the movies. The entertainment industry not only portrays such sins in the movies, but glamorizes these sins by implying that “everybody is doing it.” Be assured, God is not satisfied with such actions. God hates sin (Romans 12:9), and glamorizing it is evil (see Philippians 3:19).

 Murder rates are soaring, theft has increased, nations are at war, many people live in fear because of gang violence, and illegal drugs are sold on the streets. All of this is encouraged by the corrupt nature of the entertainment industry. What we must do to save America is to refrain from supporting such sinful actions. We should not imitate the evil actions of immoral movie stars, or support the films that promote the devil’s agenda. Rather, we should imitate Jesus, Who never sinned, and Who would never promote such sinful actions and thoughts.


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