Consider Hosting an AP Seminar

From Issue: R&R – December 2015

For many years, the professional speaking staff at Apologetics Press have conducted live seminars across the country. Last year, A.P. speakers spoke in 117 cities, 24 states, and three foreign countries. This level of activity has remained constant for many years. This avenue of disseminating subject matter for which A.P. is widely known has been an important and effective means of promoting the cause of Christ. On site seminars provide spiritual enrichment for the members of those churches that host the seminar; they also provide an opportunity to impact guests from the community who are invited to attend.

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A.P. speakers address a wide variety of subjects and topics. Much of the material pertains specifically to traditional “Christian evidences”—like the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, and the deity of Christ. We have also specialized in responding to the unscientific claims of evolution in light of the Genesis account of Creation. In addition to these basic staples, however, our speakers address many other matters that are extremely relevant in today’s culture. These topics include Islam, dinosaurs, atheism, attacks on biblical morality, the Creation model, what America’s Founders said about the critical role of Christianity in the country, the “end times,” change in church worship practices, and how we know the Bible has not been altered in transmission.

Allow me to urge our readers to consider hosting an A.P. seminar either at a local church building or in a neutral location in the community. Much good seed can be sown and many hearts transformed.

For more information Call: (800) 234-8558 or e-mail: [email protected]. Office hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday – Friday.


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