Combatting Evolution Education

There is no doubt that for several years, there has been a battle being waged for the minds of the young people of this nation with regard to the matter of origins. Will they accept the atheistic General Theory of Evolution or believe in the Creation account as detailed in Genesis chapter one? Or will they compromise between the two? Or just try to ignore the debate and stick their head in the sand? The side that each person chooses to take in the debate could have long-lasting ramifications for them and the next generation. The atheistic choice will send them to hell, and affect the lives of all whom they influence along the way. The approach of compromise leads to an interpretation of the Bible which pits it against itself and has the potential of watering down a person’s view of a host of biblical doctrines—all ultimately boiling down to a lack of faith in “God said.” The apathetic, ostrich-like approach boils down to a person sitting on the sideline while the forces of Satan flood society uncontested. And yet Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32).

In light of ongoing debate over teaching the General Theory of Evolution in various public school systems, which we have been documenting for several years (e.g., Warren, 2011; Brooks, 2011; Deweese and Brooks, 2009), some have rightly asked what Christians can do to combat the forces of pseudoscience in this critical area. This question has compelled us to give a few suggestions to that end.

  1. Encourage individuals in your church/community to run for office where they can make a difference. Sheila Butt, mother of our very own Kyle Butt, was elected to office in Tennessee where she serves as a state representative. She is, therefore, in a position of potentially significant influence in this debate.
  2. Flood decision makers with letters from people all over your area expressing your opinions on the matter. Contact other churches to assist in a concerted effort to that end. Perhaps write several versions of letters that can be used in bulk so that people will be more likely to send them in. The more letters that lawmakers receive every day, the more likely they will feel pressure to hear our voices. Try sending DVDs of our Truth Be Told and Silencing of God seminars and related books (see;;;; Books, especially, are hard for any of us to throw away.
  3. Get the local media involved. We all know how much the politicians are affected by the media.
  4. Host Creation/Evolution, as well as Silencing of God seminars all over the state and publicize them heavily (see I recently spoke in South Carolina, where the hosting congregation used highway billboards to advertise the seminar. In fact, they spent several thousand dollars in advertising the event, including saturating their area with postcards and radio spots about the seminar. If local churches come together to host a seminar, more money could be pooled for advertising.
  5. Engage in consistent, fervent prayer. Host weekly Tuesday night or Thursday night prayer gatherings with Christians for the sole purpose of fighting the evolutionists’ agenda in the school system. Be sure to remember the coming elections in your prayers as well. God can easily raise up individuals who can make a significant difference in this fight if we have the zeal to plead with Him for assistance.
  6. Donate Creation/Evolution materials to local community and school libraries. If the next generation is taught the truth, the future will look much more promising. Hitler certainly championed effectiveness of indoctrinating youth with his agenda and such is the position of the homosexual community today, as well.
  7. Make sure that Christian public school teachers are equipped with materials to hand out to students who ask for information on the controversy (see
  8. More prayer.
  9. Encourage everyone at your church (and others) not only to have a subscription to Christian evidences journals, such as our very own Reason and Revelation (for adults) and Discovery (for children), but to order subscriptions for friends, neighbors, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. who could also benefit from the information. Some elderships have even chosen to purchase subscriptions to Discovery magazine for every young family in their congregation.
  10. Devote at least one quarter of Bible classes each year specifically on preparation to defend the truth (i.e., about the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, the importance of God in government and society, Creation/Evolution, etc.). The focus would be, not simply learning the material for themselves, but to prepare them to teach it to others. Perhaps even pair members of the congregation during the Bible class and have one person play the atheist and the other play the Christian to see if members are prepared to teach the truth at a moment’s notice—especially when caught without notes (cf., 1 Peter 3:15). Our Christian Evidences and Creation/Science bookmark reference cards would be beneficial for this option (see;
  11. Encourage parents to consider homeschooling their children or sending them them to private Christian schools. Thousands of parents throughout the country have pulled their kids out of the public school system in order to ensure that their children are being trained in the way they should go—in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, rather than of monkeys. Some families simply cannot take advantage of this possibility (especially many single parent families). And some areas of the nation are handling the subject in an appropriate way, thus eliminating the necessity of this option. However, many areas have been so infiltrated by Satan’s forces that children are being adversely affected in ways that parents do not know and have not anticipated. Yet it is still their responsibility to train and nurture their children. All parents will be held accountable for rearing their children. It is not the duty of their teachers.
  12. Even more prayer. Encourage your church to set their phones to remind themselves to pray every two hours of every day.
  13. Encourage individuals and churches as possible to support A.P. financially on a monthly/yearly basis. Combating atheism, evolution, humanism, etc. is what we do, but as a non-profit organization that relies heavily on donations, we simply cannot do it without financial support. In spite of the state of the economy, our Web page had over 8.1 million hits last year from people in more than 180 countries. It is undeniable that your financial support will directly affect the lives of millions!

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have other ideas that would be effective in combatting atheism and macroevolution (contact our offices at 334-272-8558 or e-mail us at [email protected]). As always, thank you for your interest in and support of Apologetics Press.


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