Chickens Are No Cowards!

From Issue: Discovery 11/1/2002

Unlike the other animals discussed in this issue of Discovery, chickens are rarely mentioned in the Bible. In fact, the only time egg-laying chickens (called hens) are talked about in the New Testament is when Jesus spoke of His love for the people of Jerusalem and compared it to the care a hen has for her chicks (read Matthew 23:37). Although the word “chicken” is often used to refer to a coward, mother hens are not “chickens” in that sense. Rather, just as Jesus taught, a hen protects her baby chicks from harm by covering them with her wings. By casting aside care for herself, a mother hen will give up her life in defense of her precious chicks.

This is similar to what Jesus did for us. He willingly shed His blood to save us from the devil’s grasp. Like the hen’s strong affection for her chicks, so is God’s love for us (read Romans 5:6-8).


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