Charles Darwin and God

Charles Darwin was born in 1809 in England. As a young man he believed that God had created the world. He even once studied to be a minister. Gradually, Mr. Darwin’s interest in religion died. Some historians say that he turned away from true faith in God because of strong influences against religion in his family.

Mr. Darwin became a naturalist (one who studies plants and animals), and gradually came to believe in evolution. This is the idea that all living creatures have arisen from an original form of life by natural development. He wrote several books which caused many people to accept the idea of evolution.

Some scientists say that if you accept the teaching of evolution, you will be less likely to believe in God. Evolution does seem to lead a person away from faith in a Creator. In the Museum of Biology in Moscow (Soviet Union), there is a large display devoted to Charles Darwin. On the wall there is a sign which says: “There is no God.”

However, there are many scientists, though, who strongly believe that the evidence of design in nature points to God. Paul, an apostle of Christ, wrote about this in Romans 1:20. Read this great verse in your Bible.


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