"Burning Lights" of God's Creatures

From Issue: Discovery 10/1/2015

In this issue of Discovery, we are showing you several examples of God’s amazing bioluminescent creatures, and we’re only touching the “hem of the garment” in showing you how many such creatures there are. Here is a quick glimpse at several others:

The periphylla (pair-ee-FILE-uh) is a deepsea jellyfish. Its entire body, including its tentacles, can flash to attract mates or stun predators. (image credit:
Atolla wyvillei (WHY-vil-aye) is a red deepsea jellyfish that emits a rotating pinwheel of blue light when it is caught by a predator. This attracts bigger predators to the area that will attack the predator and free it. (image credit: courtesy of E.Widder Operation Deep Scope 2005 Exploreration, NOAA-OE)

There are many different species of lanternfish. They have bioluminescent lights spread out over their bodies in a species-specific pattern, thought to be for attracting and recognizing mates. Their eyes project light like flashlights. (image credit: courtesy of Island in the Sea 202, NOAA.OER – E Widder,

The green bomber is a swimming worm that, when attacked, drops bombs that “explode” in a brilliant green color as a distraction.

The glass squid has light organs under its eyes that illuminate them. Most squid have ink sacs, but the vampire squid squirts a sticky, bioluminescent mucus instead of ink, distracting predators while it gets away. (image credit:

Most bioluminescent creatures emit blue light, but the black dragonfish emits red light which other fish do not have the eye pigments to see. So like a sniper scope, the black dragonfish can use the red light it emits to see its prey without the prey seeing the light. Tubeshoulder fish release bioluminescent material from their shoulders when they feel threatened. (image credit:

Besides bioluminescent animals, God made plants that can emit their own light as well, like the bamboo coral. Humans have recently figured out how to cross breed Arabidopsis plants with God’s amazing bioluminescent bacteria, Vibrio fischeri. The result: glow-in-the-dark Arabidopsis.

The amazing designs in the world are proof of an omniscient Engineer that designed them. They cannot be rationally explained as being the result of millions of accidents over eons of time.


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