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From Issue: R&R – Issue 39 #9

The AP Web site has been an enormously successful means of evangelistic outreach. Hence, we have attempted to keep step with the times so that we might reach as many people as possible with God’s truth. In this day of high tech communications, we regularly endeavor to keep up with the electronic changes (for better or worse) that characterize current American culture. As new generations of young people come on the scene, their methods of acquiring information, making purchases, and interacting with their surroundings constitute a dramatic shift from past generations. Stats show that 96% of Americans spend an average of five hours per week shopping on-line. 67% of millennials and 56% of Generation X prefer to search and purchase on e-commerce sites rather than going to a store; 41% of baby boomers and 28% of seniors prefer on-line to off-line shopping. Millennials and Generation X spend 50% more time shopping on-line each week (six hours) than their older counterparts (four hours).

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The AP Web store has been an integral part of our efforts to accommodate people with convenient access to spiritual nourishment. Consequently, we have just recently given our Web store a complete “overhaul.” Aside from its improved functionality and visual appeal, the visitor will encounter an increase in product images that aid browsing, product “quick views,” customizable product sorting, and simpler navigation options. Improved sorting and search features make finding items easier and more convenient. The streamlined “check out” is designed to help shoppers make purchases without unwanted complications or hassles. Please consider visiting our new Web store and experience the improvements for yourself.


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