Bound Volumes & 40 Years

From Issue: R&R – January 2020

At the first of every year, we offer to readers the bound volumes of our two monthly magazines from the previous year. These bound volumes enable the articles contained therein to remain relevant far beyond the time period during which they were authored. The bound volume of Reason & Revelation for 2019 contains several meaningful articles, including: 21 Reasons to Believe the Earth is Young; Proof of Bible Inspiration: The Passover; Are Biblical Giants Mythical?; The Goldilocks Principle: The Earth Is Designed for Us; “A Book of Jewish Fables”?; Does Numbers 5:11-22 Condone Abortion?; What is the “Firmament” of Genesis 1:6?; Who Did Cain Marry?; Belief in God is Hard-Wired into Man; Was the Flood Global?; Behemoth and Leviathan: Figurative or Literal?; Does Distant Starlight Prove an Old Universe?; If I Were an Atheist…; Does the Fossil Record Support Creation and the Flood?; Was the Ark Large Enough for ALL of the Animals?; The Despair of Atheism; “Believing” in John 3:16; Has the Bible Been Transmitted To Us Accurately?; Does Balaam’s Talking Donkey Prove That the Bible Is a Book of Fables?; The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible; and “Atheist-Making” Bible Verses You Need to Know. As always, this beautifully bound annual collation contains all 12 issues for the year, as well as an author/title index and a glossy cover.

Additionally, the 2019 bound volume of Discovery, our monthly magazine on Scripture and science for children, is now available. During 2019, Discovery contained articles on such timely themes as: Scientific Evidence for a Global Flood; Bees; Genesis 5; the Ice Age; Living Fossils; the American Museum of Natural History; The Coming of Christ; Noah and the Flood; Sharks; Caves; Dinosaurs; and Creatures Before the Flood. These topics will build the faith of children and insulate them against unbelief. Please be reminded that for both Discovery and Reason & Revelation, whenever the bound volumes go out of print, they are gone forever; we do not reprint them. So be sure to order your copies soon. Some previous volumes are still available. Visit our Web Store for ordering information.

One final note: perhaps you noticed the logo on the lower left corner of the front page of this issue of R&R. It is difficult to believe that this journal is now in its 40th year. May God continue to bless this publication to His glory.


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