Bibles for Graduates

From Issue: R&R – Issue 44 #4

High school and college graduations are just around the corner. Have you given much thought to what you will give to those near and dear to you to celebrate their perseverance and accomplishments in school? Perhaps you are thinking of giving them money. Or you may be considering getting them gift cards to their favorite fast-food restaurants. May we humbly (and yet enthusiastically) recommend that you consider purchasing them something far more valuable, such as the AP Defending the Faith Study Bible? One college student carrying this Bible on a university campus recently told a friend of mine (who recognized it) that he received the AP study Bible after high school graduation, and it was “the best graduate present” he received. Perhaps some 18 or 22-year-old in your sphere of influence would be eternally benefited by such a gift?

Bibles for Graduates


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