Bible Curriculum for 5th-6th Graders

From Issue: R&R – Issue 44 #1

Whether you are looking for a biblically sound and relevant Bible class curriculum for your home congregation or are searching for good Bible and science materials to supplement your children’s public, private, or homeschool education, you should seriously consider using Apologetics Press’ Explorer Series. With eight “Journeys” of 13 lessons each (for a total of 104 lessons), 5th and 6th graders will learn about everything from Creation to Christ to Customs in Bible times, and from a survey of Scripture to God’s plan of salvation.

Kids are naturally curious. They want to know “how something was” or “why something is.” They want to know “if we can know for sure” about various important matters. Of all people on Earth, Christians need to be feeding children’s God-given curiosity (and not suppressing it) with God-given answers—by way of both His natural and supernatural revelation. That is, let’s study and show God’s handiwork from both His world and His Word.

Explorer Series Journey 1 is a perfect place to begin, as it gives young people an overview of fundamental Christian evidences. Journey 2 provides more “faith-building answers,” as children are challenged to consider such subjects as Satan, suffering, and alleged mistakes in the Bible. Journey 3 is on some of the important life events and teachings of Jesus, while Journey 4 challenges young people to think about how Christ wants them to think, talk, and act…like Christ—learning what is right, wise, and eternally beneficial.

Journey 5 digs much deeper into the Creation/evolution debate (including lessons on dinosaurs and problems with evolutionary dating methods). Journey 6 succinctly surveys the 66 books of Scripture, while Journey 7 teaches children about the one Church that Jesus established (and of which He wants everyone to be members). Last but not least, Journey 8 explores the interesting world of Bible culture and geography.

Use it at home or in the church. Incorporate it into your summer youth camp or your VBS curriculum. Through the years, many parents, teachers, and mentors have used Explorer Series in a variety of ways in an array of settings to the  benefit of precious young souls. If you would like to learn more about the series, visit us at


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